D&D Next Playtest

Episode 1: The Call to Arms
This week, on Caves of Chaos

The party arrived in a town plagued by Kobold raiding parties. Through a combination of destitution and enlightened self-interest, the party took up the call to clear the caves of their chaotic kobold conglomerate! (oh yeah, that just happened.)

After a short walk through the woods, Lyssander “Sorcerer of Light”, Skarn Dragonfist, Clyde “Barnaby” Shadeseeker, Bounty Hunter*,Grakus, and Brother Scrot arrived at the mouth of the cave. Sadly for our adventurers, the Kobolds heard them coming and were lying in wait. Sadly for the Kobolds, Party* saw them in the bushes and didn’t fall for the ambush. Insults were thrown, followed by stones, and combat ensued.

Brother Scrot was hit with a stone, then all but one of the Kobolds were slain in retaliation. Grakus followed an especially cowardly Kobold into the cave mouth, and Skarn interrogated the remaining survivor (to no useful effect). Inside the cave, there were more Kobolds, also a rickety bridge. Lyssander cast sleep at the darkness, and all the Kobolds fell asleep. Turns out the bridge was trapped, and much hilarity ensued as the party tried to cross it. The Kobold prisoner ended up at the bottom of the chasm awaiting retrieval.

Suddenly some rats! Lyssander nuked part of the room, but was bitten by two rats and died, but then he got better. The hallway was pretty narrow, so it was challenging to stack up the melee heavy party in a way that made sense. Skarn threw an axe and slew the Rodent of Unusual Size, and then charged into the rat swarm and kicked one super hard. Other people probably also did stuff that helped out. A search of the bodies revealed some silver pieces and a particularly cool golden collar with three red stones in it, which the party decided would be best served on their pet Kobold after the cave was more fully explored.

a * denotes placeholder names

Playtest Notes

  • Combat: Charge-Does it still exist? Is it an action? Does it grant any bonuses? If we missed it, where is it at?
  • Combat: Opportunity Attack-The How to Play pdf makes it sounds like moving around while staying within the threatening range does NOT trigger attacks of opportunity. Is this the intended interpretation? If so, it may be of benefit to clarify with an example or more explicit language.

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